Welcome to the international Art Project "A Piece for You"

The idea of this traveling project is to give people presents in various forms. The project aims to bring creativity and art directly into social life, in the relations of people, as well it is using the representative theater form to let many others participate from the outside.

Presents are important as a social link between people. Presents are not necessary based on economical circumstances and can therefor have a great effect on the interhuman relations and values. Strengthening these, the social challenges and even sometimes economical and political circumstances can be managed easier in many cases. Since art is happening already in the encounter of people, the project anticipates always the participation of the presentees.

In the theatrical form the presents are specially made for people. Therefor it is necessary to get to know each other. Each piece is unique, because the themes and the ideas come out of the dialoque of the presentee and the artist. The results are in each single piece and each station of the project different. The present can be done in any place the presentee likes it to happen.

The project is extended with workshops with various groups and through encouters with other artists. 

A lecture with films and photos of the covered tour and with decissions about the themes of such project rounds up the program.

The project reaches also remote places of the world by individual means of travel

The first part of this project was happening in Europe, crossed parts of Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyistan, took then place in India and Bangladesh, Japan, China and travelled through North-America and Mexico.

Meanwhile the performances happened in 28 countries in 3 continents.


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