Back in New York and back on the Road

While the staged component f this project is stillnot finished here, the work on the streets is developing. Just today I got the first 50/50 donation from Jim in a cafe, someone I just asked without intention for the weather report of his newspaper. After telling him what I do I had 20 $ more in my pocket, which I shared with jean at 1st Street Green Park. But the astonishing point is, that Jim didn’t know about my sharing idea, I showed him afterwards the text I wrote. While Jim is obviously a business man, who likes good cars and gives good hints how I should procede, Jean is a bass player, but in trouble and often sleeping on the road. While guarding scooters and once a while cars, he is communicative and also has hints for life if anyone takes the time to listen. The 10 $ I gave him were still 2 too short for his „hotel", so I shortened my 10 down to 8, which made him ver happy. 

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