Tallinn, 11.3. -19.3.


Since the weather in Tallin is in March usually around minus 10 celsius, we were booking a plane ticket instead riding the motorcycle up into the north. It was very wise to listen to Marts advice. Hopefully it is the last time for a while that I have to fly. My sense of when I am where in the world sufferd during the last years by changing within just hours to any spot on earth.

First I was invited to help Mart with his new production as a kind of dramatourgical help. The new plan was then to combine the two projects to one evening of two shows. "A Piece for You" is the curtain-raiser for his piece. Both of us are helping each other now with the rehersals.

After one day with the actors it was clear, that we will work with fictional presents for each other in a conventional theatre setting, which they perform in duettes. For the beginning of the project it seems to me the right start. It is a very open situation, the idea of the present becomes real in the mind of the presentee and in the mind of the audience. Just a few elements are performed full out by the one who thinks about the present and gives this it to the presentee. While the presentee enjoys in most of the cases, the audience has the chance to think as well about how and what they would give, and what they would like to get. 

Curious how it goes on in the second round from 10.4. to the premiere on 18.4.2013 in the NO99 theatre in Tallinn, but then riding up my R1200GS through Poland and the Baltics in hopefully better weather,


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