Russia, part one

Getting into russia was easier as expected. It just takes some time, but everything went correct without paying any bribe. Diverse forums are full of stories where people got problems with the entry. I didnt need another insurance ort whatever. Everybody at the border was very helpful and I got a costum declaration even in German to fill out. I am in Russia! 

The language! If I could speak Russian properly all would go so welll with the people here I am convinced. It still does, just taking everything easy and having a smile at the right moment helps a lot.

Roads are fine so far in Russia. The landscape changes right after the border crossing. All is much wider, endlessness is To reach the city of Taganrog is enough for me that day. Even I am prepared a bit with a self drawn map to find the hotel I found out, and later seeing that myinstinct was getting me close, there is no way to get there, the city is much bigger then expected. What to do? The next biker I see while riding I signal to stop and get into a conversation. Pavel speaks some English, luckily. And with my positive attitude and some words of Russion we get along and he want to gude me to a hotel he thinks is the most appropriate. Still at the spot, Pavel tells me about the history of Taganrog, and, that we stopped just literatly ten! meters from the house of the writer Chechow! What does that mean now? I have to admit never reading a book of him, probably I shoud do now. First time I am guided through a city by another biker when it is no chase, Pavel rides slowly and careful. The hotel turns out to be the one I looked for!

Pavel is a quite young guy on a beautiful 400 Kawasaki, just riding for one year. - Oh, I just ride for four years now. And your bike is great. Each bike is great, neve mind the ccm. -  (Amongst most bikers there is the ccm hirachy ...) He is very astonished of the length of my tour. 

He even helps me getting all the luggage up into the room. The Lady at the counter asks him why he helps me so much.  - We are bikers, we help each other! -

Thanks Pavel! whenever you need help to get to Germany for your work, I wil do as much as I can! 

The empty club next to the hotel, I am sitting in and write this, fills up slowly on a Sunday night around midnight with groups pf people arpound 30. Bulky guys and either slim beautiful girls or big ones which are not less beautiful at all. The music is harsh, unbrearable. Maybe I should dance, making them all a present ... .

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