Berlin again! Workshop and Showing 24thJuly-1stAugust

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During a weeklong workshop the participants develop performative presents, for example short dance pieces, songs, poems or performances. Every one chooses who to gift their piece to. Ideas and themes are based within the specific relationship of the giving and recipient; the group supports one and another in the development and performance of the art pieces. Daily training in dance and spoken word will prepare this work.

The presents are eventually given aka performed during a public showing on the first of August in Studio 1 of the Uferstudios.

Thomas Lehmen is a choreographer, dancer and teacher who studied at the School for New Dance Development (SNDD) in Amsterdam. His pieces distanzlos, Schreibstück, Lehmen lernt, Schrottplatz amongst others, have been performed worldwide. His interest lies in communicative choreography; bringing art directly into a social context.

The workshop is free of charge and open to all: semi-professionals, professionals, students and people without previous experience in dance or performance. There is a restricted number of participants.
The workshop runs at Ufterstudios 24th-31st July; please register until the 15th July with an email to

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