Back in the Saddle Part 1 Wounds are healing, Bikes are rolling again    

Some things can be done while you are healing:

visiting the grave of Jimi Hendrix, cooking a little bit, then later repairing the bike, going 4 times in a row to have the computer repaired, get on facebook, collecting garbage from a road, struggling with insurances after the accident and worrying about the future. Schoolbags full with school supplies for the kids are filled from the 50/50 donations and Tom, the priest in Snohomish is blessing my motorcycle.

Leaving Don and Joni is sad and the fear to overcome after the accident is higher as expected, each second something can happen. Each person I meet is a treasure for a whole book: Don and Joni anyway, no doubt, also Wilma and Douglas are good for a book, and the lovely kids giving sand dollars as presents for everyone, and the lady on the 1000BMW sportbike, the couple who shares the campsite with me because everthing is full.

Just to fill up a bit: once a month on a sunday there is litter pick up on a certain stretch of a road at Snohomish. Most is junk, like bits of plastic, papercups, small undefinable pieces of whatever, big sheets of foil, tires or parts of them, anythingyou can imagine and more. I made photos of EACH item I found. The others sometimes keep what they find there: a tool, a jacket, anything which might be possible to use still. Don found one day a kitten and called it Peter, who is still with them.

I found also a playing card, the 2 of hearts, but I am not sure if it was totally accidental, or someone was putting it there for me in my strech of road … .

For sure it will be one item which goes in the art of this part of travel in the sale of routes and stations.

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